M.S.C Petrochemical Plant The symbol of

  • Effort: during this 40 years we try to have large—scale of petrochemical products. so we could become the largest petrochemical in middle east. we try to reach to the markets of our neighborhood and also middle east markets and make it our own.

  • R&D: The Moheb R&D group is constantly reaching out to the latest technology in order to increase production quality with the maximum efficiency. Moheb group plans to investigate the production requirements of Fumaric acid, Maleic acid and saturated polyester resins.

  • Development: this company was the first producer of phenolic moulding power and novolak resin. then this company changes its way for producing P.V.C plasticizers, such as D.O.P.then our R&D group work on the possibilities of producing other plasticizers such as D.B.P,D.I.B.P,D.O.A.which we succeed on it. then the group decide to manufacture Anhidridphtalic and after that we investigate on some engineering plastics like: H.I.P.S,G.P.P.S,P.E.T. During last five years we try schedule to add engineering plastics such as : H.I.P.S,G.P.P.S,P.E.T ,….to our products. and future perspective of moheb group is increasing the capacity of producing p.a .